Indian Politics:

  1. Renaming India, Rewriting History
  2. The Great Indian Porn Panic
  3. Nationalism: Good Or Bad?

Indian Constitution & Polity:

  1. Understanding Kesavanda Bharti

India’s Foreign Policy:

  1. Understanding The Indus Water Treaty
  2. Old Acquaintances: India & The OIC
  3. Should India Engage With The Taliban?
  4. India & Russia: End Of A Bromance
  5. A Foreign Policy For The People

Political Theory & Philosophy:

  1. Is Communism Against The Rich?

International Relations:

  1. IMF & The World Bank: How Do They Differ?
  2. Coke Studio As Pakistan’s Soft Power
  3. There For Each Other: Saudi Arabia & Pakistan
  4. Understanding The Logic Behind The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Science & Technology:

  1. Our Extended Minds

Indian Economy:

  1. Ease Of Doing Business Rankings: A Critique
  2. The Myth of RBI’s Autonomy
  3. A Critical Look At The Farm Loan Waivers